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def jam to nas: ‘nigga, please!’

so there’s rumors flurrying about that def jam is finna drop nas from the lable due to the title of his new album (entitled “Nigger”).  i jacked this from somebody who jacked it from mediatakeout.com.  now, it’s mediatakeout, and they’re in the process of getting sued for misinformation, so.. have your grains of salt ready.  this is a quote from their insider:

“There is no way that we can put out an album with that title. Many retailers have already told us – flat out – that they won’t carry [an album with that title] … Nas’ last album [Hip Hop Is Dead] sold pretty well, but not well enough for the headache he’s causing [the label].”

to re-cap:  wanna say ‘nigger/nigga’ every other line in your multi-platinum hippety-hoppety rap song?  cool.  wanna put the word on the front of the album?  uncool. 

asked to comment, def jam remarked:  ‘don’t trust them new niggas over there.’