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happy black history month from Supervalu grocery store

hi, all!  happy monday to  you!

so you know the big fantastic Great Big Gotdamn Black History Month Extravaganza i’ve been creamin my pantydraws about?  well, id like to quickly thank Supervalu grocery store in Delaware for sponsoring the festivities.  they’re currently having an amazing sale in honor of black history month, so stop on by and partake!  they have specials on everything a black person needs:  cornbread, grape soda pop, glory greens, hot sauce, seasoning salts, jiffy corn muffin mix, aaaaaaaand the crowning glory: obama memorability.

yassuh, you gots everthang yall gon need fo yo black histruh momf party!  git enuff fuh you, yo semn-lemn kids, AND they baby daddies!

why do i have a sudden urge to get up and do the electric slide?  😦