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obama city!

when i close my eyes and imagine such a place, it’s full of nothing.  nothing but me and a very shirtless, very excited-to-see-me barack obama (btw, did yall see him give that speech in the rain??  i looked at my screen and squealed ‘OMG HE’S WET!!!  PUT EM ON THE GLASS BOO!’). 

turns out my utopian vision is pretty much the exact opposite of what it is.. full of japanese citizens, very devoid of obamas.  still, it manages to look like quite the awesome place, wldnt you agree?

i stole them from sheena who stole them from the huffington post.  yay thievery!  if you thumb through her site, you’ll stumble upon lots of great things, including occassional stories of japanese love for obama.  i love stories like that. 

i also love obama in the rain.  prolly tastes like aquafina & honest leadership.  mmph!