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about this ‘octomom’ business.


pictured (l to r): nadya suleman, misplaced anger, pomp, circumstance, unneccessary drama, hot air, lack of better things to do, overinflated lips, jack black

dear everybody:

please shut the fuck up.

i mean honestly.  i agree, she’s quite batty.  the decisions she made aren’t decisions that i would make.  in fact, i have plans to assemble a band of musically inclined (or not) individuals which i will front, name ourselves Gun-Jumpin’ Johnny and the Poor Decisions, and our first album will be entitled “Nadya Reeeaaaally Fucked Up” and the whole album will be about all the bad decisions she has made in her life.  what i will NOT do, however, is:

-bitch and moan and whine about the website she just set up asking for donations

-make donations to her website because fuck her, i didnt tell her to have them babies

-make death threats (yo, wtf?)

-stand outside her house protesting and looking like a dumbass

now i’ll say again, im not speaking out in defense of nadya suleman.  i’m speaking out in defense of my sensibilities because america seems to find a new way to offend them every damn day.  death threats?  seriously?  wtf is wrong with you people?

if u dont wanna donate, dont donate.  don’t even go to the damn website; i didnt.  im not even gonna link that shit here.  that’s my protest and it suits me just fine.  do you just want something to be mad about?  because if so, there’s still the matter of a certain unarmed hancuffed man executed by a cop in california that could use a good dose of rage.  where were your protests then?  where are they now?  yall get pissed over some babies bein born, but life is lost, again in a totally outrageous yet familiar way, and where yall at?


the back of this sign better read 'POLICIES STOP SHOOT BLACKMAN'

this bitch had some babies & it’s bedlam.  lmao.  gimmie a break!

yall talkin bout death threats.. you know there are punishments worse than death, right?  god already took care of the punishment part:  she has FOURTEEN CHILDREN.  if that aint punishment, then sweet christ on a cruiseship, i dont want to know what is.

for real, all i ask from here out is that some sort of board or watchgroup be set up to make sure that she doesnt take any of the donations she does get and put it on any more wack ass plastic surgery.

other than that?  stfu.  thanks in advance.