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an open letter to party-jumping hillary supporters.

i am moved to write on this after helping to edit this petition that nobody signed (lol), and after talkin abt it with a friend on the phone this afternoon.  we were discussing the AP report, now said to be untrue, that said Hillary was going to concede tonight.  so, we were talkin abt that, then got to talkin abt all the rabid Hillary supporters who seem dead set and certain on voting for McCain rather than Obama, should Obama get the nod, and as it becomes clearer and clearer that he will be the democratic nominee, this becomes more of an alarming problem to me.  i mean, its absurd. its completely ridiculous, selfish, and in my opinion, unpatriotic. 

here’s a bit from the petition i mentioned that pretty much sums up my thoughts:

This is alarming because it poses a such a huge threat to democratic success. We must not permit people to succumb to their prejudices; the votes that Hillary supporters will cast for McCain or for no one at all put in jeopardy the lives of additional soldiers who will no doubt be sent to Iraq under further Republican rule. This is unpatriotic. Putting the vitality of this country in danger simply to avoid voting for a black man is unpatriotic. Casting a spiteful vote for a man who will continue so many damaging, devastating policies instead of voting for a fully capable democratic leader is unpatriotic. And we need Senator Clinton to know that sitting idly by while her followers allow their prejudices get the best of them, setting the stage for four more years of global unrest, governmental unlawfulness, and national dissatisfaction is unpatriotic as well.

sigh.  i mean.. okay.  i, too, have a vagina.  black women have been in a unique position during the race between Obama and Clinton because we can see both sides of the fence.  i remember talking with my neice, who was then 14 yrs old, about the election and who she wanted to win, and she was a bit torn.  she said ‘well, i dont know; if either of them wins, i’ll be happy, because if a woman wins then i can be represented as a woman, but if a black person wins, i can be represented as a black person.’  i wonder if this touches on a potential reason as to why we dont see as big a number of Obama supporters who refuse to vote for Hillary if she gets the nod.  no matter who wins, at least there’s some form of minority in the office instead of another representative of the monolithic mythic norm that has forever had a boot on the collective neck of those in the margins.

anyway.  i can imagine how hillary’s white female supporters feel.  the feminist fight is a bitter, brutal one; i know this from my days of activism in college & after, both personally and politically.  when its man vs woman, there’s a big push and need for womanly toughness, a take-no-prisoners kind of spirit.  knuckle up, go toe to toe, dont take no for an answer.  since being so totally turned off by the Clinton camp and becoming a full fledged Obama supporter (note:  i was not always an Obama girl; i was undecided til Hillary & nem started wildin out), i sometimes forget that on the other side, this is man vs. woman.  not strictly, of course; im not trying to boil this down til there’s nothing but the issue of gender left, cause its clearly more than that.  but im just wondering if, for those feminists on Hillary’s side, this is where the bitterness that is leading so many people to say they’ll vote for McCain is coming from.  a strong, capable woman will have again been unfairly defeated by a big ol man, priviledged by his gender (nevermind the huge disadvantage that his race has posed).  i dont know though.  im sure there are plenty of men who dont give a good hoo-damn about what’s between who’s legs, they’re just not voting for Obama.  i am only theorizing out loud.

im still wandering though.  let’s take both race and gender out of the equation, though.  they don’t exist.  they are non-issues.  this is still fucked up!  at the very core of this circus, what you have is a group of people who are so dead set on their candidate being the nominee that rather than do the logical thing and vote for the person who is most similar in beliefs and ideals to their candidate of choice–that person of course being Obama, because he and Clinton’s agendas are not that different, and damn sure aren’t as distant as Clinton & McCain’s are–they’d rather vote for someone who’s policies and beliefs are closer to president Bush?  president gotdamn Bush?  the bastard with the lowest approval rating ever in the history of american presidents?!  the one that all democrats supposedly despise?  this is who you’d rather have in office? 

motherfucker, why??! (c) steve harvey

i’ll tell you why.  it’s not because you believe in what McCain stands for more than Obama.  it’s because you’re selfish, stubborn, sore, and sullen and so prideful that you can’t see straight.  you’re that little kid who brings the ball to the basketball court but won’t let anyone play with it if u get picked last, ruining the whole damn game for every damn body.    you’re selfish.  over all, you’re selfish.  and you’re weak, because you are letting your own selfish pride override your sense of duty as an American.  the security of our country doesn’t give a shit whether or not your first choice becomes president.  it doesn’t care.  it doesn’t want somebody at the helm because they have a flag pin on their jacket.  it wants someone who will do what is best for it, and if u really, honestly and truly believe that McCain is the better person for that, that he has the better ideas and all that jazz, then you should have been on his side in the first place, not Hillary’s.  when u cant get what you want, then you usually want the next best thing.  if u want Pepsi but can’t find it in a store, you go for Coke.  so now that yall can’t have Hillary, u go for McCain?  that’s like goin for castor oil when you can’t find Pepsi.  where’s the logic in that?

im gonna wrap this up soon cause im sure attention spans are quickly running out, but i do want to say that what really, really scares me, like truly and genuinely scares me about all the people who would rather vote McCain in office is this war.  right now, we, as american voters, literally have the lives of american soldiers, present and future, in our hands.  McCain is gonna keep us in Iraq.  i dont believe that Clinton or Obama would.  this is my genuine belief.  the way you vote can essentially save a bunch of young uniformed lives or send them out to slaughter continually for who knows how long.  think about that when you vote.  think about your own children.  would you be able to look them in the eye after you return home from voting for McCain and tell them that you may have just sent them to Iraq, a foreign country where the soldiers there aren’t afraid to die in the course of trying to kill you and your friends?  that will essentially be what you have done.  could you live with yourself and your decision if they go over there and never come back home? 

and how long ago was it that everybody was jumpin on Obama for not wearing a flag pin or putting his hand over his heart a few times?  that was unpatriotic, right?  but these same people who were on his ass about it can put their own country and the men and women who risk their lives to defend it in danger by voting for a man who will no doubt keep us locked in war for who knows how long, all because they dont like Obama? 

yall are gambling with something priceless, seriously.  to vote for that man just because you don’t want Obama to win is wreckless, irresponsible, unpatriotic, and dangerous, all around, if for no other reason than because we are at war right now. 

maybe people are making more of this than they should at this particular time, because there’s a bigger picture that we need to be paying attention to.  we need to cool out and see that right now, this cannot be a battle between man and woman.  it cannot be about black vs white.  it cannot be about ‘i just like her better than him.’  it HAS to be about whats best for this country vs a continuation of the bullshit we’ve been suffering through for 8 years.  it needs to be about democrat vs republican, nothing more, nothing less. 

i dont like Hillary Clinton.  as a person.  i don’t like her.  but guess what, if she gets this nomination?  i will be a Hillary Clinton campaign donating motherfucker.  i will vote for her because even though i don’t care much for her as a person, i can still see that she’s the better choice over McCain.  if either one of these folks wins the nomination, be it Hillary or Barack, we will be in far better shape than we have been for over a decade. 

no matter what happens, i will not vote for John McCain because i love this country and i want the best for it.  i hope that one day, one day very, very soon, Hillary’s supporters will be able to say the same.

stop this foolishness. sign this damn petition because those 8 signatures are really pathetic (lmao wtf, Jordanne!) .

Democrat 08.


alright, that takes care of the seriousness for the rest of this year.  we now return you to your regularly scheduled blog about celebrity weaves, fat asses, and poot stories.