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your mom is at the club.

it’s quite unfortunate.

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oh, this is SCREAMING for a caption.

“Seriously, who draws a mustache and beard on somebody when they fall asleep?  REAL MATURE.”

“I told Cora Mae I wanted lilies and sequins on this church hat.  DO YOU SEE LILIES OR SEQUINS ON THIS CHURCH HAT??'”


since naked FOL girls are all the rage

here’s a helping hand to all the people (and there are a lot of yall lil nasties)  who come to my blog (of all places) lookin for nakey pictures of Candace Cabrera, aka Black from Flavor of Love 3, courtesy of media take out.  typical bikini pics.  no nipples, no vajayjays.  she is topless in a couple, so open with care.  if you get fired for lookin at this shit at work, please know that that is your own horny little fault.


ps – here’s a sex tape supposedly featuring buckeey.  dont say i aint never gave u nothin.

pps – if your dumbass gets fired for clickin any of those links on the clock, then u deserved it.  cheers again!

family photos of obama!


this is to completely neat to me.. i dunno if this is news or not.  but, i was stalking barack obama @ flickr today (dont judge me, thanks in advance) and i found like, a buttload of old pictures of barack obama and his family, some in hawaii, some during college.. tres dope!

all pics appear here via these folks.  i hope they wont get mad at me for posting them here.

these are some of my favorites:

obama’s dad.  yes, that’s a pipe he’s smoking.
obama jr & sr. wonder what it was like to have such a manly jaw as a 10 yr old?
barack in hawaii with.. his grandad?  random white man?  prolly his grandad.
im guessing this is he & his mom.  he grew into his head quite nicely, no?
barack’s mom & her grandparents
obama & his maternal grandparents.  that’s where the good hair come from.
barack in college.  i feel like he needs a michael jackson jacket.
wedding day, 1992, age 31.  black dont crack cause he still looks the same today.
sexiest timeline ever.