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in case u missed it – from the mouths of (bust it) babes


so im tryin to get up a good roster to help me celebrate women’s history month (which is this month, for the unfortunately uncouth out there who didnt know it) and i just knew that i had found the PERFECT way to kick everything off: an interview with one of the charming young ladies from Plies’ ‘Bust It Baby’ search. this particular young lady appears in a white tennis skirt round about the 5:18 mark.

i thought i had a chance when one of them came across the original entry i made on the casting video and left a comment there. like, i could just taste the literary gold pooling in my mouth and dancing for joy underneath my tongue.

so, i reached out to her and offered her a chance to tell her story here at the renowned world of brokey mcgotdamned poverty. sadly, though, she didn’t respond to my request, not even with so much as a rejection. i mean shit, its not like anybody wld see it anyway, nobody comes to this blog like that, iono why she was trippin. maybe she’s just not ready for this kind of famous exposure.

anyway, i’m not sure how many ppl troll through the billions of comments left here everyday (heh), but.. i really feel like more people should fucking see this. and without an official formal interview, this will have to suffice. and so, ladies and gentlebitches, hear about life, straight from a bust it babe:

I was in the video and the oppurtunity presented it self and i took it what’s wrong with that? People are entitled to there on opinion i’m ok with that because i know who i am and what i said i ment. And for those who wants to hate comment on this go to my myspace http://www.myspace.com/rholiya and yes i’m the one in the white dress. I’ll be the first to say that i didn’t like how i looked in the video but ugly never that I will continue to live my life and do me and you do the same. I am self employed i own my on home and loving what i’m driving this is reality tv you don’t know what we do on a daily basis but thankyou for watching i now no what you do.

maybe she just doesnt know what an awesome interviewer i am. i treated steve harvey’s mustache like a king (that sounds dirty, dont it?) & he came out large (even dirtier!) in that interview.

just in time for women’s history month.. be Plies’ ‘bust it baby’

to tell you the truth, im not too sure what a ‘bust it baby’ is, but im pretty sure that its not something that young women, or old women, and especially black women, should be aspiring to be.

now ima tell you somethin else–i watch a lot of bullshit. . like, trashy reality television is my thing.  i watched, very proudly, the first 2 seasons of ‘flavor of love,’ both seasons of ‘i love new york,’ and im currently trying to stomach through ‘flavor of love 3.’  what can i say?  i like feeling superior to people.  its fun to me.  and reality shows are the greatest thing for that.

but this shit i dont want nary a part of.

pardon me while i go weep with the ancestors.