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my thoughts on the presidential debate.

…barack obama said ‘orgy.’

for serious, i cant even remember what he was talkin abt or what else he said in the same sentence.  he was bitchslappin mccain tho so it was prolly somethin like ‘your hairline and that dumb ass smirk of yours is like an orgy of creepy things that are difficult to look at.’

its the first time ive ever heard obama utter anything sexual outside of my fantasies.

me:   ‘look at mccain.  i bet he’s a robot.  he looks like a robot.  a really old robot.  you know you’re old if you’d still be old even if u were a robo–wait… did obama say orgy?  OMG OBAMA SAID ORGY.’

i looked exactly like this:

i think there were other things said after that, but im not sure.

obama won!