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the belle of the (inaugural) ball

so i was all set to hop on to wordpress today and type about how stunning michelle looked last night.  because it’s true, she really really did look stunning.  i was very pleased to see that she stayed away from crazy ass betsey johnson’s designs.  she looked phenomenal, as i’m sure you’ve noticed; i thought her first outfit of the day was atually kind of old lady-ish, but apparently i’m the only one who think s so, so it’s prolly just in my head.  she looked gorgeous in her jason wu, too.. so refreshing to see women in the political world NOT cooped up in pantsuits.  let them sexy shoulders breathe girl!

i have to report, though, that someone showed ‘chelle up last night.  oh yes lord–jill biden COMPLETELY stole the show.


omg.  not enough is being said about this dress.  it is GORGEOUS!  i much prefer this dress to the gown michelle wore (while it was a lovely gown, might i remind you), and i actually would have loved to see michelle in something like this–her skin would carry that color so well.

jill definitely rocked it though.  it was designed by Reem Acra, whom i have never heard of.  i hope her buisness jumps through the roof after this though, cause Reem is apparently doin the damn thing.  it just brightens everything; i never noticed that jill was such a beautiful woman until this gown.  i mean everything was on point, hair, makeup, all that.  kudos!  kudos all around!