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the 5 worst things about the move

sigh.  sorry for the inconsistent updates here lately.  i have a million excuses if anyone is interested, but i’m gonna assume that nobody really cares.

remember when i started my list of the 5 best and 5 worst things about relocating from philly, pa to lousville, ky, but only had time to post up the good stuff?  well after receiving a complaint inquiry regarding where the hell the rest of it was, i figured id get off my butt and post up the bad.  so!  with no further achoo:

ONE:no more SEPTA. 😦 easily one of the most irritating things about this city.  getting around is a bitch and a HALF, i swear to you.  everything in this city is so spread out and far away from everything else.. getting from one side of the city to the other is pretty much a guaranteed 1 hour bus ride.  what’s that you say?  why don’t i just take the train?  why, i’m glad you asked!  THERE IS NO FREAKIN TRAIN!!  this place is forever bragging about being the 16th largest city and all that jazz.  ha!  talk about never knowing what you got til its gone.  i, for better or worse, have adopted a Big City view of driving and public transportation.  driving is expensive, bad for the environment and a hassle that i’ve become unaccustomed to.  and public transpo, when it’s good, is eco friendly, convenient, and there’s a certain joy that comes with knowing that you’ve always got a designated driver.  the bus system here blows.  it just blows.  i wouldn’t mind it if it didn’t blow so bad, but it blows.  the scheduling is erratic, the routes are ridiculous.  and the stigma against the bus and bus riders here is really annoying.  so overall… i really miss sucky SEPTA and all it’s sucky flaws. 😦

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the 5 best things about the move

a lot of folks have been asking me how the big more has gone (if you’re just tuning in, i moved back to my homeland of Louisville, KY, after living in Philly, PA for about four years); how i like it, how things are goin, etc etc.  i don’t know what it is about me, but sometimes i have, like, a mental block that keeps me to responding to comments and questions online and stuff.  i can’t explain it but sometimes its just hard for me to do.  so, for the convenience of all you nosey bastards out there, i decided to comprise a quick list of the 5 best and 5 worst things about the move, beginning with the best things and in no particular order:

ONE:the lower cost of living! in this economy, who wouldn’t enjoy having to pay less money to do necessary shit like eat, drink, have fun, and generally live?  nobody, that’s who!  no clearly, my broke ass hasn’t really had a chance to get out there and be too active on the capitalist playground, but i’m sure its common knowledge that smaller cities mean generally cheaper costs on generally general things.  allow me to offer as an illustration these two craigslist ads, the first for a 1 bedroom apartment near the University of Pennsylvania in Philly, the second a 1 bedroom apartment near the University of Louisville in a similar neighborhood.  and i’ll throw in a third: a TWO bedroom apartment in a similar Louisvillian neighborhood.  not too shabby, eh?  if i ever find a fricken job, i living here could get me to Richy von Moneyheimer status before we know it!

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septa?  more like SUCKTA!

more like SUCKTA!

i know this blog isnt about me, but this entry sorta will be.  strictly philadelphia related, so there’s a good deal that none of this will mean anything to the lot of you.

this is a rant about septa.  if you’re not from/living in philly and are still reading for some reason, septa is the city’s transit system.  this is specifically a rant about the 46th street train station.  this is specifically specifically about how it totally and completely sucks.

okay, firstly?  the escalators NEVER work.  there are two escalators.  nearly every day, one is out of service.  now, i have my lazy moments, but i dont fall into a fat fit because i have to walk up a flight of stairs.  i go for the stairs most times anyway.  but to know that MY tax dollars paid for this shit and it has the nerve to be inoperable and unusable most of the time?  hell no.  fix it or give me some form of a refund.

that’s reason number one why the station sucks.

reason number two is the bright, clean, pretty sales window that HAS NEVER BEEN OPENED SINCE THE STATION ITSELF HAS.  wtf is your problem??  why do you think this is okay, septa??!  can i tell u quickly why it isnt okay?  because i cannot tell you how many times i have stood in a line longer than the one at the gates of heaven to put my $2 fare @ the fare window because everybody in front of me is buying transpasses and 10 packs of tokens and using debit cards and standin around waitin for change and shit AS MULTIPLE TRAINS PASS US ALL BY.  that’s what the big bright clean pretty sales window that i helped pay for is for, septa!!!  you got all this fancy shit at this station and YOU AINT USIN IT.  its infuriating!



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