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russia to female employees: ‘nice ass, sugartits!’


so i got to this article via gunabee.com.  in case you dont feel like reading it, here are the highlights (there are more startling facts in the article though):

  • since the collapse of the soviet union, only two women have been successful in winning sexual harrassment suits against their male employees (the first in 1993, the second in 1997)
  • 100% of female professionals working in Russia report that they have been subjected to harassment by their male superiors.
  • 32% said they had intercourse with their bosses at least once.
  • 7% said they had been raped by their bosses.
  • a judge just declared that sexual harassment is okay because “if we had no sexual harassment, we would have no children.”


wtf is wrong w/ russia??  newsflash:  you can make babies without rape and coercion!  jesus pleezus, are russian men that ugly??  is that why they’re currently carving a crater in georgia’s left ass cheek?  playin with those missiles make up for nobody wantin to play with the ones in their pants??


this makes me wonder abt the frequency that it happens in the US.  personally, ive never experienced anything of the sort, and ive worked in 3 different offices thus far in my life.  its kind of a pity though, cause i had a crush on my last boss.  its weird cause he’s not an attractive man, at all.

this brings my line of thinking to this sentiment, and that sentiment brings me to this video.  and all that brings me to this question:  if you were attracted to your boss, and your boss pushed up on you, would you go down that illicit path and do the grownup getsome??  i mean i can see how alluring it would be.  you get your crush in the sack plus some extra chips on ur paycheck or some extra paid time off as a ‘thank you.’  and lord knows i could use BOTH in my life.  i wldnt be able to do it tho; im sittin here thinkin abt it now and if that boss i was crushin on offered me a bonus or a day off for bein cute… id take that in a heartbeat.  BUT.  i wldnt be able to give him any of the lucious.  i have morals.  and he has a wife who was in the army and is WAAAAY bigger than me.  and german.  yowza.

so what do yall think?  if u were attracted to ur boss, and this boss made a pass at you, would you find it harassing, or flattering?  could u/would u sleep with him/her?