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r & b nobody remembers but me: Anquette

the Jukebox was my boyfriend back in the day. there was a pretty long stretch of time where we didn’t have cable at my mama nem’s house, and there was like, nothing on. by that time, i had gotten pretty used to watchin music videos, so i took to the Box really quickly. there are a few songs that immediately jump into my brain when i think about that tv channel, and they’re usually songs that nobody else remembers. especially this one.

this was 1988, man. 88! i was six years old!!

now this video is great for approximately 2,523 different reasons, and here are the top three:

-the hair. i was gonna say the clothes, but late 80s fashion is late 80s fashion. the hair is spectacular because this plainly shows us that back then, there were no hair or makeup teams. these chicks rolled outta bed, went straight for the procon gel and royal crown hair grease, slapped on some baby hair, and said ‘i am ready for the entire music world to see me now.’

-the sappy lyrics. i dont think i have to expound there.

-the ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS SINGING. i really dont have to say nothin else there.

its great. it’s just so great anyway you look at it.

i would like to herald Anquette as heroes of black music. thank you, Anquette, for paving the way for other talentless musical acts; without you, Ashanti, T-Boz, and Mary J Blige* would have never found record deals. we salute you.