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music that nobody remembers but me


so, im still on this new jack swing kick, right, and ive been on youtube doin the wop down memory lane for the better part of the last two weeks and i randomly remembered a girl group that nobody else seems to remember:  V.O.I.C.E.S, also billed as The Voices, apparently.

so okay, you know how on sister sister, tia and tamara were always freakin singing on the show?  they had okay voices, but really u just wanted them to stop with the catterwauling and yell at roger to go home?  weeeeeeeeell guess what!  they were in this group! well they were kind of in this group.  apparently they were in the video for the first single, ‘yeah yeah yeah,’ and did background vocals, but according to wikipedia, they werent actually in the group.

check my man’s ducktail around the 2:30 mark.  lmao.  also, the random african wardrobery for no apparent reason.  i love it.

in addition to those songs, i also remember two more:  ‘m.m.d.r.n.f. (my mama didn’t raise no fool)’ and ‘cloudy with a chance of tears.’  nobody else does but me 😦