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win tickets to Brooklynati!

that’s right ladies and germs!

to celebrate the release of rap group Tanya Morgan‘s second album Brooklynati, i’m givin away two one-way tickets to Brooklynati for free!  that’s right!  for FREE!  you and a guest will travel via grayhound to the beautiful hills and valleys and shit of Brooklynati, located at the intersection of Brooklyn and Cincinati.  if you’ve never heard of the place, omg.  it’s a tourists dream!  it’s got blue skies, green grass, 24 hour drug stores, polite panhandlers,and indigenous nudity!

all u gotta do is check out the album, come back here and tell me how u like it. its the featured album on itunes in the new and noteworthy hip hop section; skate over, give it a listen, fall in love with it, buy it, etc etc.

go get the album!  DONT DISAPPOINT DRED SCOTT!


shameless plugs!

my policy in life is typically to be the best, and if i cant, then attach urself on ppl who eventually will be, help them get there, then hold the help that u gave them over their heads throughout their famous runs so that u can be the best by association.

all my hustles are paralyzed right now, and as such, i will be acting as promotional groupie for the following ppl/things:

 .::Che Grand – Everything’s Good Ugly – i’ll have to check on the release date, but in the meantime, check him out, and before he takes it down, check the demo ‘Girls Talk’ featuring Darrin of Sankofa & produced by Aeon who is also appearing on…

 .::The Official PMP Mixtape – Hosted by Hi-Tek, featuring Aeon & some other ppl who aren’t Aeon –


listen to it & find a tracklisting for it here; download it here.

and speaking of Aeon, this is the same Aeon who produced the absolutely ridiculous Walk My Way for..

.:: Tanya Morgan – i dunno what these dudes are up to.  check em out & buy their shit anyway.

yall negroes owe me a ham & cheese sammich for this.  plus donwill YOU STILL OWE ME MY $10 BLOCKBUSTER CARD.  kthanks!