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tiny pimp of the day



gidiot of the day

my 16-year-old niece called me a gidiot once.  my instinct was to get mad, but first i had to ask her wtf a ‘gidiot’ was to see if making fun of her retarded vernacular would be a more appropriate response.  she said that a gidiot was a ‘goofy idiot,’ and… i kinda liked it.

that was the first word that came to my head and out of my mouth when i saw this dude.  he got a huge pair of dirty hipster douchebag glasses tattooed to his face.  to his face.  tattooed there.  forever.

you’ve got your very own star of david now, guy.  or, more appropriately, star of doucheness.  good luck living with that for the rest of your life!

emo cowboy of the day.

wait til the other members of Suicide Pact see this picture.  that bolo tie is sure to get Chad (stage name: Lord Bloodfower) kicked out of the band for sure.


problematic song of the day

happy friday, yall!

i was in the car with my homie today when Mary Mary’s ‘God in Me’ came on.  i started bankhead bouncin inside myself cause i forgot how much i loved this song.  it definitely knocks! (do ppl still say that?)

the bad thing is that it may knock (if people still say that) a little too much.  i have this condition where when i hear a good beat, my back involuntarily arches & my hips start rolling without my consent.  that’s not exactly the behavior you want to be exhibiting when listening to a gospel song, im sure. im not well versed in the Bible, but i don’t recall reading ‘Thou shalt backeth that ass up all the way to thine zipper’ anywhere.  correct me if i’m wrong tho.

anyway.  enjoy the song & enjoy ur weekends 🙂

inverted celebrity nipples of the day

Steve Harvey wins/loses!

banned advertisement of the day

this is a banned ad for Diesel clothing.  we could talk abt the hypersexualization and depersonification of women in this ad

we could discuss the affirmation of the stereotype of the black male as sex crazed & hungry for white women

but… damn that, I NEED SOME OF THESE BOOTS!!

um, particularly those purple ones.  at the top there.  …ahem.

more here.

best/worst halloween costume of the day

on the left.  the other two are hot garbage on a shitpile.  the one in the middle is just using halloween as an excuse to wear clubwear during the day, and is the other one supposed to be a gay wookie?  what the fruck?

intrusive owl-faced cotton ball of the day