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okay, since nobody’s tellin the truth abt this tocarra BS

so apparently she’s on celebrity fit club again this season.  i saw part of the premier; im assuming its like some allstar shit or somethin, cause i think there’s a couple of ppl who are there on the show for a second time.  tina yuthers is back because she just had a baby and wants help takin the weight off.  got it.  that one angry white guy is back b/c he wasnt satisfied with his performance on the last show.  got it.  tocarra is back because she loves her body and doesn’t feel like she needs to change anything. …wait, what?

 i cld tell in the clips and commercials that she blew up at the judges during a weigh in or somethin, but according to this unedited clip–she REALLY blew up at them cats.

now what really gets me is that all across the internets, ppl are criticizing the judges for the way they responded to her, mad at Ian for tellin her to have some class.  wtf?  i look at it like this here:

– yellin and cussin and gettin all in people’s faces is classless, so Ian was right to tell her to have some class.

-the friction is poppin up b/c them advising on what she needs to do to lose weight is taken by her as them saying that there’s something wrong with her body and that she needs to change, which i dont get the feeling they’re saying.  they lookin at her like ‘okay, she’s on the show so she must wanna lose some weight, and our job is to guide her through that so let’s do it.’  if tocarra thinks she’s good and fine and doesnt want or need to change anything that’s awesome, but gtf off the show!  wtf are u there for? is ‘take the cake’ doing that poorly?  oh, it is?  oh.

-she’s clearly creating another 15 minutes for her fabulous self.  i like tocarra, dont get me wrong.  i wont even hate on her ‘temper tantrum to get the most attention while im on this show’ hustle.  but i also aint finna dog the judges cause they call her on it.

 this shit is scripted.  yall done fell for the ‘tune in next week to see what tocarra will say next!’ okie-doke.

also, a confession:  i have a weird crush on harvey.  i say ‘weird’ cause that man is sin-ugly and it makes no logical sense to me.