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EXCLUSIVE! #YoungStruggleFace freestyle!!

via nerdatthecooltable.com


so we all know the legend of #YoungStruggleFace, the oldest, grownest toddler ever.  he probably owns property.  he’s probably served jury duty a couple of times.  but here’s what you don’t know–he raps, too.

apparently he and twitter’s own @seansmyph used to hit the studio all the time back in ’01, and with his new found twitter fame, he’s been in the booth again.

check out this snippet from #YoungStruggleFace’s mixtape, ‘Grind Diego Grind,’ dropping sometime in the new year.

hamshamalndma ahmshamalamdama thank ya!!

finally!  after months and months of spending endless creative energy trying to figure out the quickest route to internet stardom, i did it!  i finally got a #1 world wide trending topic on teh twitterz!  w00t!

*Brother Franklins around the room*

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the 5 worst things about the move

sigh.  sorry for the inconsistent updates here lately.  i have a million excuses if anyone is interested, but i’m gonna assume that nobody really cares.

remember when i started my list of the 5 best and 5 worst things about relocating from philly, pa to lousville, ky, but only had time to post up the good stuff?  well after receiving a complaint inquiry regarding where the hell the rest of it was, i figured id get off my butt and post up the bad.  so!  with no further achoo:

ONE:no more SEPTA. 😦 easily one of the most irritating things about this city.  getting around is a bitch and a HALF, i swear to you.  everything in this city is so spread out and far away from everything else.. getting from one side of the city to the other is pretty much a guaranteed 1 hour bus ride.  what’s that you say?  why don’t i just take the train?  why, i’m glad you asked!  THERE IS NO FREAKIN TRAIN!!  this place is forever bragging about being the 16th largest city and all that jazz.  ha!  talk about never knowing what you got til its gone.  i, for better or worse, have adopted a Big City view of driving and public transportation.  driving is expensive, bad for the environment and a hassle that i’ve become unaccustomed to.  and public transpo, when it’s good, is eco friendly, convenient, and there’s a certain joy that comes with knowing that you’ve always got a designated driver.  the bus system here blows.  it just blows.  i wouldn’t mind it if it didn’t blow so bad, but it blows.  the scheduling is erratic, the routes are ridiculous.  and the stigma against the bus and bus riders here is really annoying.  so overall… i really miss sucky SEPTA and all it’s sucky flaws. 😦

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watch the VMAs with me!

hey, babies!

long time no type, eh?  sorry.  ive been lazy busy.  but!  for all the twitterers out there, i’ll be live tweeting during the VMA festivities this afternoon, starting at 8!  i guess i should have posted this earlier, but i just got the genius idea to.  anyway, if you’re followin me, come watch!  if you’re not following me, WHAT IN THE BLEEDING HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM??!  get on it! (acct is private, but send me a request and i’ll add you!)

tweeting the recession

so.  im not sure how many of you out there are on twitter, but given the uberconnectivity of you kids in this day and age, i’d be willing to bet it’s a good enough number.  i, too, get on the twitter on occasion, via both my cellphone box and my internet machine.  ive made a technological step up & added my tweet feed to this blog, which you can find over there at the left, on the bottom *points*

anyway, if you’re up on twitter, you may also be up on secrettweet.  its pretty much what it sounds like; people send anonymous tweets to this account and they’re posted, anonymously.  im finding that most of them have to do with sex and STDs which, while entertaining, can be REALLY fucking scary.  other than that, the tweets are pretty much… depressing.  i mean you got folk tweetin about how they’re dying and nobody cares, or how much they hate their parents, or how they’re ready to just end it all.  heavy stuff.

ive never been a @secrettweet follower for that reason, but i do drop by the webpage and see what’s happenin there on occassion, and im noticing a trend:   this recession is REAL.  omg, like so many of ppl’s secrets have to do with money issues and woes.  u might cld get some reliable recession statistics from this! 


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