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the best advice i could ever give

is this:

the next time the Roots are performing anywhere near you, GO SEE THEM.  it could be your last chance for it in awhile… they’re retiring.  no more Roots tours beginning March 09.


they’re the new house band for Jimmy Fallon when he replaces Conan O’Brien (which totally doesn’t make sense in my head, but whatever).  this is cool, assuming the Fallon won’t stick up the place and fuck around and get cancelled.  so, on the upside you get to hear them every night.  on the downside, this means the death, or at least dramatic reduction, of live Roots performances, and that, my dear babies, is a HUGE loss.  The Roots are hands downs one of the best live performers ive ever seen.  its high energy, start to finish, always a long set, always full of your favorites peppered with incredible spontenaity and variation (the benefits of playing your own instruments vs rhymin over a lame ass instrumental blasted out of a souped up casio).  and fine ass 5 foot black thought & Tuba runnin around gettin sweaty on stage. 

my heart is definitely heavy over this.  i mean im happy for them and all.  them dudes is what, closin in on 50 years old?  they prolly tired.  lol. 

and now, in closing, id like to share with you the first time i ever saw the Roots perform.

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oh, speaking of D’Angelo…

..that comeback looks a little far off if u ask me.

and to clarify:  d’angelo’s the one on the left.



pic courtesy of okp.  thanks to this guy for the heads up.