hey. HEY. yall see my new swag?

over there.  on the right.  your OTHER right.  that shoe.  that come-get-it shoe.  that one shoe.  that ‘i may have had my leg taken by the diabeetus, but this other foot gon stay FIERCE’ shoe.  it’s nice, right?  u jelly, huh?  i know, girl.  i know.

but i got good news for all the bloggers out there–you can get you one too!  all you have to do is sign up for the Red Pump Project’s 500 in 50 campaign.  if you don’t know, the Red Pump Project is a foundation dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of HIV and AIDS on the lives of women and girls.  you can find more info abt the project and its founders here.

and if you go here you can sign up for their 500 in 50 campaign, which is trying to round 500 bloggers up in the days leading to March 10th (National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day).  on that day, all participating bloggers are asked to do a bit of writing about HIV/AIDS stats/, info on the disease and it’s impact on women and girls, etc.  in return you get a badge of fierceness for your blog, and recognition and linkage at both Awesomely Luvvie AND The Fab Giver on that day.  click here for more info.

i’m all signed up and ready!  look, watch me do the stanky legg in my one undiabetic leg with my red pump on!  *falls over*

2 responses to “hey. HEY. yall see my new swag?

  1. You know you’re wrong for that! *chuckles*

  2. YEESSSSSS!!!!

    P.S. LMAO. You dumb.

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