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dear Tyler Perry:

work your voodoo magic and make sure that this becomes the official poster for your adaptation of  ‘For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.’

im already worried about how the adaptation is going to turn out.  at least give us something to look forward to and be hopeful for!

but really, this is an amazing piece of work infinitely talented young artist Tatyana Fazlalizdeh (reach her via twitter here), currently stationed in Philadelphia.  we’re trying to drum up enough internet  buzz for the right folks to see it, so please tweet it, blog it, tumblr it, digg it, facebook it, or whatever you young interweb whippersnappers do.

hurry up!  we’ve started without you!

Brandy’s Hairline Sees Pictures of Naomi’s Edges, Stages Intervention

Pictured: Brandy and Rita in slightly happier times.

LOS ANGELES, CA–Sources inside singer Brandy Norwood’s camp are reporting that her hairline held an emergency intervention after seeing pictures of what remains of supermodel Naomi Campbell’s edges floating around the internet earlier today.

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and now, a love song from 50 Tyson.

first things first:  if you haven’t seen 50 Tyson at all, then you clearly haven’t been reading Splackavellie Central.  SHAME ON YOU.

50 Tyson is a kid from Minnesota who wants to be a rapper or already fashions himself a rapper and has put several videos of him freestyling on youtube (click the link above to get you a taste).  recently, the internets discovered that he’s not just a rapper… he’s a crooner, too.

but wait!  it gets weirder!

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my favorite MJ tribute.

i saw this for the first time when MJ passed a year ago and fell in love with it; i just saw it at The Urban Daily and fell in love with it all over a gain.  it’s Dwele recreating ‘Human Nature‘ in 7 minutes.

i wanted to write an MJ tribute/reflection post, but i haven’t been able to; i’m not sure where to find words that i haven’t already said.  so i’ll just post this & say RIP, Mike… you weren’t here long, but you did what you came to do.

ps – one of my favorite MJ pictures of all time

Cracker Barrel: uncomfortable deliciousness.

so this past week i took a relaxing trip to the country with my family to get away for awhile.  i was only half excited to go in the beginning, to tell you the truth, because i knew at some point i’d end up on a hot ass bank of some hot ass lake doin a half assed job at fishing, where i’d probably catch nothing but a stick (note:  I WAS RIGHT).  but there were two incentives:  there was a pool where we’d be staying and i’d get to work on my much needed tan (note:  i’m so almondy!)  and, most importantly–we were gonna stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast on the way.

FUCKING WIN!  kind of!

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one day, you’re gonna shit yourself: a motivational message

i was in philly awhile ago.  i shared one of these with three other people.

it was a long night.

halfway through, it lead me to start preaching on how u have to live life now before u start shittin urself.  as i write this now, im sitting in a hotel room with my 84 year old grandmother and i found myself tweeting that same message.  this blog isn’t about me, but this sermon is one that the world needs to hear.

now im being silly of course, but im serious too.  im sure (and i hope) that my views on this will brighten one day, but right now, i fully believe, 100% that there is no dignity in growing old and that one day, all you’ll have is jello, Judge Judy, and shittin yourself.

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just because.

‘pump up the jam’ as performed by the kids of Kids Incorporated.

i went fishing today.

i caught a stick.


streets is bloggin!

finish your friday with further foolishment!  (eat my alliteration, suckas!)

Aunt Silvia is STILL actin up. [Awesomely Luvvie]

TGI-Drake? [The Cynical Ones]

Clip toenails, receive ass.  [Dirty Pretty Thangs]

enjoy the weekend!

the best of brokey

hi, sweet babies!

we’ve been getting an influx of new visitors lately, and with the sparse updating i thought this would be a good time to look back on some of our greatest moments.  you know, so folk won’t show up and be like ‘this bitch only updates once a week?  put the kids back in the car, we goin to!”

these are a few of my personal favorites; if anybody else has any that stick in your brains, shout em out!

  • Cora > your girlfriend:  a look at what true sexy looks like. (note:  no nudity, but not work safe!)
  • Steve Harvey suits for the fellas…
  • …and Steve Harvey Easter dresses for the ladies.
  • Dear John – a letter written to John Mayer during his white supremacist dick controversy
  • “…But Tell It Slant:”  my life and times at the whitest place on earth (aka – college)
  • does tiger woods owe you an apology?  i made a flow chart to help you find out!
  • BROOKLYN TWITTER, WE DID IT! – the broke bunch FINALLY gets a #1 worldwide trending topic on twitter!

check out some fun times at Splackavellie Central, too!  such fun times include Aaron Hall’s inner dog and the challenging “Album Cover or Obituary” series.

ps – go get you some real-world learnin.

pps – when you’re done with that, GO GET UR MOM OUT THE CLUB.