i’m 27, im a girl, i’m from kentucky and i write stuff. i’m 90% more awesome than 70% of the general populace.

i hate squirrels, al roker, r. kelly, and oppression, et al.

i love rice, bad weaves, good books, and ur dad (can u have him call me, please?  great).

i wear fake uggs & dont care what u think about it.

sometimes u can find me among the awesomeness here.

that’s all.


3 responses to “yo.

  1. hi, just wanted to say i totally share your feelings regarding ‘what is wrong with groovin’ by letta mbulu, without doubt one of the finest songs ever sung. you probably dont even remember blogging about it all those months ago huh. Anyway i just thought i’d drop you a line to say congratulations, you have impeccable taste. Greetings from sunny england (hahahahahahahahahahahahaha), all the best madam to you and yours…



  2. Hey,

    I couldn’t find an e-mail to contact you so I hope you don’t mind me posting this here. My old website is under play cousins, the Jiovanni Project. I deleted that one and started a new one the Jolyn Project @ http://www.thejolynproject.com. You can replace the old with the new if you like. Thanks girl!

  3. Hi! This is going to sound weird, but I’m here to prove the totally awesome “small world”-ness of the internet. I need your help though. I saw one of your tweets through one of the people I follow on Twitter.

    It’s here: http://twitter.com/MissZindzi/status/14405550877

    But get THIS, I recognized “Brokey McPoverty” from someone else I was MySpace friends with a while ago…someone totally unconnected with my following MissZindzi!

    So I’m on the third row of the friend list on her page [http://www.myspace.com/msiman] and then it’s like…wait…isn’t that you RIGHT NEXT TO ME?

    If it is, we’re like…digital cousins or something.

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