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ray j + cocktail = yeah, right!

well folks, i called it.  ive been predicting for quite awhile now that Cocktail would win on brandy’s brother’s dating show.  and i was right!  im always right.  i have to say it was an informed prediction tho; after danger came out talkin wreckless about bein pregnant by ray j’s kid, and after pictures of unique and her alleged new baby surfaced on the net, common sense was like, okay.  lol.  that only leaves cocktail.  and i was right!

and ray j’s an idiot!  lmao!

i mean okay.  granted.  all this shit is staged and whatnot and there will definitely be a season 2, blah blah, yackitty smackityy.  but let’s pretend for a minute that ray j really was (*giggle*) …looking for love.  true, honest love that wasn’t after him for his.. (*chortle*)..riches and not just looking to ride his sister’s coatails into.. (*BWAAAHAHAHA!!*) …fame.  let’s assume all that to be true.

dude, u pick a broad who was on ANOTHER reality show talkin bout how big a golddigger she is??!  LOL.  you damn dumb idiot fool!  i SAW that season of the bad girl’s club.  she was horrid!  skeezer to the nth degree!!  yeah, she’d totally be into your no IQ havin ass if you weren’t brandy’s brother a semi-musician and aint have a dime.  totally.

anyway, congrats to the happy attention whores.  see yall in season 2!

i’ll be watching 😦  im not proud of it, but i will be.  curse u vh1!

when did commercials become such whores??


like okay.  we all know that sex sells.  but between the family friendly hours of 8 am and 11 pm, didnt it used to be at least a LITTLE modest??

they’re showin these freak ass commercials all hours of the day and i mean, omg.  they’re brazen! like this quiznos shit.  ‘put it in me, scott?’  WAT!

and red bull!  red bull commercials have always had a little kinky edge to them but this time, the implication of cartoon penis is a bit too much for me to bear.

america, this is why all your teenagers are pregnant or at least pregnant looking, sittin in front of the tv gettin endoctrinated at all hours.  what would tyler perry say?!

feel good springtime 2-steppin jams of the day


philadelphia, we’re in for a beautiful, clear, 70+ degree day today and i am FEELIN IT. first of all, im cute. second of all, im bouncin from work early. third of all, i am CUTE! shout out to dior show mascara for gettin the lashes pop & to my mama’s genes for gettin everythang else poppin. and fourth, it’s FRIDAY!! and fifth, IT ACTUALLY FEELS LIKE SPRING!  finally!

im talkin bout, i woke up early this mornin. early. just woke up and tried my best to give the air around me a kiss, i was feelin so good. this is one of those days where u just need to dance. not just dance, but two step. im talkin bout like old-school-playa-in-the-club-in-a-fubu-joggin-suit-with-his-cup-in-the-air-on-the-dancefloor two step. everybody should be doing this today, and i wanna help!

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whatever. i’ll say it if yall wont.

she’s got a nice voice but… chills?  tears?  extra.

im talking, of course, about Susan Boyle, latest youtube sensation and current favorite story for all your favorite news entertainment sections.

dont get me wrong.  she has a nice voice.  but… i really think ppl are being drama queens about this and it makes me feel kinda weird.  mostly because i really think that ppl are makin a big deal over her voice because of the visage that encapsulates it.

everybody all shocked that homegirl can hold a note.  why?  is it cause she’s a bit dumpy, is in desperate need of brow work, and says she’s never been kissed?  how insulting!  ‘you look like a troll!  i didnt think you’d be able to do anything but grunt and hiss into the microphone!’ the nerve!  gimmie a break.  if this song was sung by a contestant during Miss America’s talent portion, id be like, ‘…eh.’

maybe its because she sang a song from one of my favorite musicals ever (take note, bitches!  im a hateful shrew, but im a *cultered* hateful shrew!).  oh, i know me some les miserables.  ive heard that song sung by  the greats, and patti lupone she is not.

charming, tho.

but waaaaaay overhyped.

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‘deadliest warrior’: modern day race wars with the killiest motherfuckers in history.

so here’s largely what  brought me out of my hiatus.  i would not be a good person if i didn’t tell each and every person possible about the best television show i have seen in a really, REALLY long time.  like on some serious shit, it’s like in my top 5 favorites of all time.

deadliest warrior‘ premiered on spike tv earlier this month.  i wasnt hipped to it until its second episode, which aired earlier this week (it premiers tuesdays at 10, then re-runs wednesday at 11) and omg.  ive already made plans to cancel my entire life tuesdays at 10 as long as that’s the time slot.

random aside + true story:  when i was first being told about this show by a friend, i thought he said ‘deadliest LAWYER.’  first i was confused, then i got kind of excited as i imagined a man in a business suit draped in ammo and machine guns bustin up in a courtroom yellin all kinds of terrible hearing/death cliches, like:  ‘i object–TO YOU BEING ALIVE!’ or ‘you want to live?  OVERRULED!!’ and then he starts shootin all crazy while opera plays and doves fly out of nowhere.  i was actually a little disappointed when i heard the title correctly, but once i heard what the show was about i was even MORE excited than i was at the thought of a bloodthirsty lawyer!

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rad dudes of the day

try as you may, you’ll never, EVER be cooler than these guys.

these cats are so rad u almost dont notice the creepy ass bunny in the background.  but then u see the bunny and u say to urself, ‘wait, why the fuck did this picture even happen?’

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super hot tune jams!: soulpatrol, vol 1

good morning babies!

ive decided that it’s time for my latest hiatus to die.  i apologize for any separation anxiety that my absence has caused, but ive been out conquering the world/feeling uncreative/making tough life decisions/sittin on my couch/gettin fat/tryin to get unfat/etc etc.  im back tho!  i think im back!  ima go head and claim it–IM BACK!  you’re welcome.

i come bearing gifts!  aeon, your favorite beatmaker’s favorite beatmaker, has assembled a mixtape of the best soul you’ve n/ever heard, available for download @ his website.

its called soulpatrol vol. 1 and 2dopeboyz already love it.  your turn!

download here.

the easter bunny hates you.

just a gentle reminder. ever wonder how he got that way?  blame his mom and jay leno.

(try to) have a happy easter!