what is wrong with groovin?

i am completely in love with this song and this woman. i stumbled across it one night whilst listening to random songs played by this guy. neither of us had heard it before, nor had we heard of the artist. her name is letta mbulu and sister got PIPES. i read up on her a little bit; she’s south african, born & raised in soweto, fled in the 60s to escape apartheid, ended up a jazz singer in america singing and working with some really big names. holla @ wikipedia for more detailed info.

so after hearing that song i went and intended to youtube and omg, she has sooo much wonderful music.  she’s still alive, and still making music; her latest album came out in 2005.  i really, really want to share ‘what is wrong with groovin’ with yall.  its been in my head for days and it’s just aces.  just aces!

i’m also putting up ‘music in the air’ b/c it is also aces as well in addition to ‘what is wrong with groovin’ too.  thank me later!

2 responses to “what is wrong with groovin?

  1. this.is.great!

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