see, black people?  this is how we’re gonna get ahead.  get up, get out, and get somethin.  meet Alabama’s Kim Malone, your sister in law.  not sister-in-law.  but your sister in law.  kinda like when somebody calls you her sister in Christ.  make sense?  awesome.

she’s here to give you straight legal talk when you need it most.  see that slight “i will bust yo ass” squint she’s got to her eyes?  that’s what you want in a lawyer.  somebody who gives it to everybody straight, no chaser.  and that appears to be what she’s all about.  according to the website, she also “(doesn’t) mind telling you when there is nothing left to do but PRAY!”  well praise God & pass the writ of habeas corpus!

Sister Malone provides a variety of online services ranging from simple wills to child support consultation and the commentary she gives on each is fantastic.

on:  simple wills-

If you see your family fighting over YOUR stuff now while you are living, just imagine what they will do when you are gone.

on:  power of attourney-

The person you appoint as Power of Attorney should be someone that you can TRUST and not just somebody you love.  Don’t choose a person who is stealing out of your purse for this position.

on:  uncontested divorce-

Let me tell you what I mean by ucontested divorce.  It means he may have another woman.  She may have another man or is looking or one.  But neither of you care that the other has moved on.  It means that the stuff that you bought together has already been divided.  For example, she has the couch and other stuff she wanted and he has the Bowflex and other stuff he wanted and you both already have it in your possession, meaning you can look at it right now if you wanted to beacuse it is at your place or your momma’s house.

straight from the page, family.

no word if she’s related to the mo money taxes people or not yet.

know what this kinda reminds me of?

many thanks to wcweaver for sharing this with me.

2 responses to “yosisterinlaw.com.

  1. Ms. Brokey,
    If she is still in “The Single State” (uh, not uncommon for hard-working, got-it-going-on, beautiful A/A women – go figure), she can do OUR Marriage License.

    Yes, 2520 actually used the “M” word!

    Not ‘hook-up’, not ‘co-habitat (an’ share my bills), not “be grateful I giv’n ya some girl”.
    But real, live, in writing, Commitment (wow. The “C” word).

    ‘Cause I’m that kinda guy.

    Maybe she got some kids to add to mine too!

  2. This is too good to be true. Period. *dying*

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