awesome acapellas

so i was up late for video surfing at youtube for no real reason at all last night.  while searching for Boyz II Men’s acapella version of ‘can you stand the rain‘ i came across some pretty cool stuff!  these are essentiallyglee club-style renditions of some good classics. warning: the audiences are annoying and the sound aint so great.

here’s a nintendo acapella, complete with interpretive dance:

a Nickelodeon medley(whatchall know about The Beets??):

‘thriller,’ also with interpretive dance:

outkast’s ‘the way you move.’ i will admit to doing my own interpretive dance to this:

& this is my fave of the day, largely because of the singer’s fro and because whoever did this arrangement knows enough abt music to be able to link curtis mayfield’s ‘move on up‘ and kanye’s ‘ touch the sky:’

shout out to ‘glee‘ for makin this shit cool again.


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