Mel Gibson needs to hire some kittens.

so batshit Mel Gibson went a little bit batshittier in the days that i havent been updating.  im sure yall know that so we won’t go over the details.

but the homie young h of go in radio tweeted me a gem over the twitter earlier today and a lightbulb brighter than a thousand suns exploded over my head.  this is it!  here’s the answer!  from here on out, Mel Gibson, whenever you open your mouth to say any gotdamned thing, or when you have to respond to something else dumb and criminal that you’ve said:  say it with kittens.  straight up.  i mean you’ll still look like a dick with a chemical imbalance, but at least you’ll be able to make some people say ‘awwwww!’ in the process.

don’t you just hear these in your little Cousin Bobby’s sweet little voice?  after reading the first one didn’t you say to yourself, ‘awww, yes you do deserve it, you cwoote widdle thing!!’  i tried really hard not to put that third one up because i abhor the word c-nt, but it was just too perfect.

yeah, so anyway, Mel Gibson.  they won’t save your image or your legacy.  but they will make them both a little cuter.

just a thought.

(see more mel gibson kitties here!)

12 responses to “Mel Gibson needs to hire some kittens.

  1. michellefrommadison

    If she wasn’t so slutty, Mel would have no reason to rant. But, he’s right, she is a slut.

    • since none of us know her personally, we cant really say whether or not she’s a slut.

      beyond that though, that wasn’t a rant, it was a series of abusive death threats. not even a ‘slut’ deserves to have rape and death wished upon her.

      • michellefrommadison

        According to Mel, she’s a slut. As far as abuse, I agree with you and do believe he was abused by this slut too.

      • @ michelle – lol of COURSE mel would say some shit like that. again, whether she is or not, nobody deserves what he did to her. nothing she could have done warranted being punched in the face while holding a baby.

        a more sane, stable person wouldn’t have flown off the handle like that. mel’s wrong and needs therapy or a lobotomy or somethin.

      • I agree and since Mel married her AND had a baby with her, I dont think HE thought she was a slut.

        Come on Michelle (Jasen) come off the bullshyt.

  2. LMAO as usual.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. One thing I took from this whole ordeal, MG is obsessed with bj’s. Its disturbing. But the kittens! Oh the kittens.

    • michellefrommadison

      Well, that girl has a role in the relationship then, for sure. She’s a tramp anyways, so that job appears to be right up her alley.

  4. michellefrommadison

    I believe Mel, and would bet that this women has assaulted him before. She’s likely to have more of a deranged mental illness or something, where Mel might have been simply defending himself from her continued attacks. At least that’s what all the audio tapes reveal.

  5. Ms. Brokey?
    I’ma thinkin’ “michellefrommadison” might be “twunderwoman” for ol’ Mel.
    Does she know Aaron Hall?
    Does Mel do Dogs?

    If we had a Twitter Cage-Match, would twunderwoman kick michellefrommadison’s hiney?

    Inquiring minds …

  6. theblackwhole

    Da kittenz r PURE GENIUS…they turn mel’s RANTS into POSTER-ready, DEEPLY demented “art”!

    Thankz 4 SHARIN’, BMCP! = )

    Onna DIFFERENT Note…JUSTICE-4-Oscar Grant!


    P.S. @ mfromm: SEEK HELP.

    QUICKLY, puh-leaze.

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