mightiest mullet ever.

so a couple weeks ago i was havin lunch with a friend when i think i see something that i possibly couldn’t have seen out of the corner of my eye.  as long as i looked at him head-on, it was evident that i was looking at an asian man dressed in business casual clothing.  but then he turned around and…

‘…is that a tract of hair glued in the center of his head??’

I WAS SO THROWN!!  it really did look like he just had a regular guy’s hair cut and just laid a huge ream of Yaki in the middle of it, creating the mightiest mullet i have ever seen in my life.  and, need i remind you, i live in KENTUCKY, the #2 mullet capital of the world (indiana is #1).

and i dont know if this is racist or not, but what really messed me up about it was the fact that he was asian!  i have NEVER seen an asian man with a mullet before, and to have my first one be so dramatic.. i just didn’t know what to do with it.

so i took a picture of it.

im not good at being inconspicuous with my sneak picture taking so this is the best i could do.

11 responses to “mightiest mullet ever.

  1. Hopefully it was a cruel dare that he had to endure.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. Nawl homie. Just no.

  3. He looks like a rejected elf from Lord of the Rings

  4. Ms. Brokey?
    This Statement:
    “i dont know if this is racist or not”

    Please allow me to school you on this (oh the Irony, lol).
    To be Racist you must belong to the Power/Privilege group.
    Minorities Cannot Be Racist.

    See? I went to Howard…

    (Is this another “out-of-bounds” Again for me? I’ll get it right yet …)

  5. For Ms. Brokey’s Blogosphere Folks:
    That there comment by me (Id-jet LB) is a Self-Deprecating, “Makin’ fun of Me sayin’ that stuff” type Self-Parody joke. OK?
    No offense intended.

    (And while I didn’t get the privilege of actually Going to Howard, I always wanted to scoop some beautiful chocolate girl off the famous “Booty Wall” …)

  6. Wow! That’s one well maintained mullet.

  7. that is NOT a mullet…times are tuff, he just got behind on his barber payments is all.

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  10. Sometimes I pretend to admire things like that, so I can get a good pic. Like, “Wow, I love what you have going on with your hair, can I take a picture?” And they usually consent. I mean, if someone is obliviously enough to HAVE that hair in the first place, they will go for it…

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