that’s what kwanzaa is all about, charlie brown.

koochiechakkakhan , brothers and sisters!

today is december 26th, the day after the white man’s holiday and the first day of Kwanzaa, a pan-african celebration of black history and culture.

and you know what?  nothing says black history and culture like a white woman making a kwanzaa cake.

this cake embodies many of the principles of kwanzaa, including Ujamaa (cooperative economics – u can find all three of the ingredients needed for this cake at Uncle Hakeem’s corner store), Kuumba (creativity – this woman took some corn nuts, cool whip, and the tears of black baby orphans and made a CAKE OUT OF IT), and Umoja (unity – after you and your family have eaten this delicious cake, you can all sit together and bond over the gallon of pepto bismol yall gon have to drink later).


8 responses to “that’s what kwanzaa is all about, charlie brown.

  1. She put cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla in the icing. I see what she did there. Had all the ethnicites (cocoa = African cinnamon = Native Americans and Vanilla = well vanilla) that represent the mix of many Black Americans added to the icing. She think she slick but I peep game. I peeped the game, Sandra…

  2. Ugh, Sandra Lee and her gotsta cooooor-duh-naaaate self, I have yet to see her prepare any of her lazy dishes that sound tasty… not. a. single. one.

  3. Excuse my randomness, but do yall remember that old BET movie called “Harambee”??

  4. my older sister sent me this video. i sent it to my kwanzaa celebrating friends. 1 decided to blog on this as well. but i have to say that i am angry at you for making me laugh out loud, while home alone, feeling as though i’m a lil touched for having this moment #bymydambself.

    THIS has been my Zawadi (gift) for Kwanzaa 2010

  5. Remember that website I said we should start? Where people can write in and we can explain our respective racial eccentricities? I HAVE NO EXPLANATION FOR SANDRA LEE.

  6. @BB – With Merlin Santana? YAAAAAS! It’s at my mom’s house on VHS somewhere(taped on TV – I don’t know if you can buy the real tape/DVD.) I never got over how dude drove a Ford Explorer they kept calling a Jeep.

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  8. i would never eat this. wow. just, wow.

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