so, you’re buying Tyrese’s book, huh?

that’s pretty cool.  i mean i kind of question it, given his history of hard to decipher, slightly asinine tweet philosophising, but it’s your money.  do what you will with it.

something you should know, though.. for Tyrese, “staying out of your own way” apparently means stalking your baby’s mother and sleeping in your car in front of her place all night.  yeah, that happened.  last night, actually.

the lovely insomniac steenfox just happened to be up as Tyrese was live tweeting the whole thing.  he has since deleted the tweets, of course, but steen got on them screenshots and tumbl’d them QUICK.  lol.  at her tumblr, she writes:

No one’s life is perfect but when you spend your days tweeting from way up there on your high horse & your nights hiding in bushes you deserve to be called out. For someone who spends so much of their time tweeting about how to be a good parent & how not to be like our own parents, you’d think he’d use his time & resources to get himself a court order that will allow him to see his child for the holidays without having to break any laws doing so.

mmph.  *waves church fan*

head on over to read more and see more screen shots.


6 responses to “so, you’re buying Tyrese’s book, huh?

  1. I want to buy this, but as a Tyrese fan, I can’t read

  2. Sherada Gahagan

    Hey ,you .Man im worried about you i getting messages that was Soooooooooo.Last years ,whats up .Hopefully your okay i havent heard from you are shala your Ex alright , man sorry that why i need a soldier like you ,if you were my ex you would be able to stay the night when ever to be next to baby .Man i will pray for you ‘i Love you ‘ dang reach out and tuch me on some up to date stuff okay your Rose for life.One

  3. life , is precious and joyfull with child , all the while you stay cool my mother in law didn’t raise no fool so intill the next note please dont let the hatters stop your flow i know you my king just waiting intill the school bell ring ,Ha Ha, you should be lol right know love peace and happyness as i await for my whole lotta kisses ,One your Rose SG.

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