happy black history month from Supervalu grocery store

hi, all!  happy monday to  you!

so you know the big fantastic Great Big Gotdamn Black History Month Extravaganza i’ve been creamin my pantydraws about?  well, id like to quickly thank Supervalu grocery store in Delaware for sponsoring the festivities.  they’re currently having an amazing sale in honor of black history month, so stop on by and partake!  they have specials on everything a black person needs:  cornbread, grape soda pop, glory greens, hot sauce, seasoning salts, jiffy corn muffin mix, aaaaaaaand the crowning glory: obama memorability.

yassuh, you gots everthang yall gon need fo yo black histruh momf party!  git enuff fuh you, yo semn-lemn kids, AND they baby daddies!

why do i have a sudden urge to get up and do the electric slide?  😦


9 responses to “happy black history month from Supervalu grocery store

  1. Do black people really use a lot of extra virgin olive oil? If so, then that’s good. I’m trying to use it more myself. Good for the heart and all. Has the good fats in it.

  2. why use extra virgin olive oil when you can just add a little leftover bacon grease to everything?!

  3. good question janie! i use olive oil, but i use it for my skin; after a shower i massage it in while my skin is still damp and either air dry or pat dry. black people hate to be ashy. EVOO is a great combatant especially in the winter.

    but as far as cooking goes, like sheena said, we use bacon grease. that’s why we got blood pressure problems 😦

  4. maybe i am gross, but i kind of like the idea of substituting the EVOO for the bacon grease so i can smell like breakfast all day.

  5. hm did anybody say “EVOO” before rachel ray? i didn’t know about that term until i started watching her show…..it’s one of those questions that keep me up at night

  6. No cotton swabs?

  7. also, we call it ‘the bus stop’ where i’m from…i don’t know anything about this electric slide business.

  8. wrong as hell but yall know a house is not a home without the Lawry’s.

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