ray j + cocktail = yeah, right!

well folks, i called it.  ive been predicting for quite awhile now that Cocktail would win on brandy’s brother’s dating show.  and i was right!  im always right.  i have to say it was an informed prediction tho; after danger came out talkin wreckless about bein pregnant by ray j’s kid, and after pictures of unique and her alleged new baby surfaced on the net, common sense was like, okay.  lol.  that only leaves cocktail.  and i was right!

and ray j’s an idiot!  lmao!

i mean okay.  granted.  all this shit is staged and whatnot and there will definitely be a season 2, blah blah, yackitty smackityy.  but let’s pretend for a minute that ray j really was (*giggle*) …looking for love.  true, honest love that wasn’t after him for his.. (*chortle*)..riches and not just looking to ride his sister’s coatails into.. (*BWAAAHAHAHA!!*) …fame.  let’s assume all that to be true.

dude, u pick a broad who was on ANOTHER reality show talkin bout how big a golddigger she is??!  LOL.  you damn dumb idiot fool!  i SAW that season of the bad girl’s club.  she was horrid!  skeezer to the nth degree!!  yeah, she’d totally be into your no IQ havin ass if you weren’t brandy’s brother a semi-musician and aint have a dime.  totally.

anyway, congrats to the happy attention whores.  see yall in season 2!

i’ll be watching 😦  im not proud of it, but i will be.  curse u vh1!

4 responses to “ray j + cocktail = yeah, right!

  1. you said you were gonna be my chicago larry!!!

  2. She’s gonna be on the curb in a couple of weeks. Then he can start the search for season 2.

    All that said, Cocktail was the best of a really bad lot. Danger, in particular, was a grease fire.

  3. Didn’t she also refer to him as a rapper during that dinner date? Ray-J’s young ass got the game screwed up. Why would you send home the ass you didn’t get? Even Flavor Flav knew better than that.

  4. He picked HER? She seemed to be the fakest. I mean yeah, I know it’s all fake but she was the worst actress out all of them. Anyway, wish him well on Season 2 and getting that money. Did Unique flip on him? I can just picture that.

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