inverted celebrity nipples of the day

Steve Harvey wins/loses!

5 responses to “inverted celebrity nipples of the day

  1. Ok, not that I don’t believe that is his body (I know he’s been getting in shape), but why he look copied and pasted onto the body? It looks so weird…

  2. All we need now is for Steve Harvey’s Inverted Nipples to have a heart-to-heart with Steve Harvey’s Mustache (um, excuse me, LEON).

  3. cheekie – there’s just a whole lot about this picture that just feels extremely wrong to me. i dunno where to begin. yeah good work on gettin in better shape but… how necessary/appropriate was this REALLY?? lol

    teebee – LOL OMG i cant believe u remember that!! hahahaah.. maybe we do need to interview the nipples. i hear the left one is called Gerald Invert (see what i did there?)

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  5. is not like katy perry nipples 😀

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