so steve harvey is hosting the family feud.

"We asked a group of 100 people the following question: YOU LIKE THIS SUIT, PLAYA?"

somebody told me about a week ago that steve harvey and his inverted nipples were hosting the show, and i didn’t believe it.  because i mean, why would that ever happen?  who in jelly jar drinkin glass hell would want his bama ass trying to host a game show where listening to the host speak is important?  but low and behold.. it’s true.  i’ve seen it with my own eyes.  on two separate occassions.

i will admit:  i have a personal vendetta against steve harvey ever since he decided he was a relationship expert and had the right to start telling women why they don’t have a man and what they need to do to get one.  but even that aside.. i don’t know, i found this to be such a weird choice.  his voice is so…. not what you’d think a game show host would sound like.  im not hating, now, don’t get me wrong; i have a southern/country accent my damn self.  but i wouldn’t be offended if i was told that i couldn’t host Supermarket Sweep.

i dunno man.  i can’t even explain what i’m feeling about this choice.  i mean it’s just steve fucking harvey!  he sounds like an emancipated slave who got in a time machine and went BACK to the days of slavery!  and he’s so damn loud!  the only thing louder than him are his suits!  it just didn’t make sense to me.

i must admit though.. it’s entertaining.  i have a lot of fun watching him try so hard to get his non-regional diction on.  it’s even more fun to watch him code-switch right on the set in front of God, the studio audience and everybody.  when it’s the white family’s turn he works hard at it.  pronounces those r’s, doesn’t forget those g’s.  but when it’s time to go talk to the Jackson family?  every so often he slips up and starts soundin like Men’s Day at the 1st Corinthian Leather Baptist Church of God.


…those are DIRECT QUOTES from the show.  i shit you not.

something else i shit you not on:  i saw a bit of today’s show, and there was a man in one of the families that had on a steve harvey suit.  like an authentic one; he opened up the lapel and showed steve the tag.  and get this:

HE WAS WHITE!!!!!  i was so blown i took a picture of my screen!!!

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8 responses to “so steve harvey is hosting the family feud.

  1. Omg I love everything about this post. I must watch. My life will not be complete without white ppl in SH suits.

  2. Az Alwayz, Brokey…U STILL Our favorite internetz Scibe.

    Alwayz a Revelation 2 be had readin’ yer stuff.

    VIV la BMCP!!!


  3. @ the joy,
    I had a purple “Huggy Bear” suit once. Does that count?

  4. Brittani Williams

    Watched Steve Harvey for the first time on Family Fued and loved it! So glad we live in a country where we are allowed to be ourselves no matter what anyone thinks! Steve Harvey on family fued is an excellent choice!!

  5. I’m bout to make this my life’s mission to see Steve Harvey host Family Feud! I always thought at the very minimum the host needed to speak understandable English…watching contestants try to decipher his Chitlin’ Drawl is going to hilarious!

    The only thing that will be this off the charts is if The Ojays pop-up as an answer and he breaks out in doo-wop!

  6. Lawd! I done seent it…. that could totally be a Steve Harvey quote, lol

    But girl I about died, but if gave me hope if this bamma could make it then there surely is hope for me!

  7. How did his accent get so damn country? For the record, Cleveland folks don’t talk like that.

    Arsenio was a better representation of the ‘Land than he.

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