shameless plugs!

my policy in life is typically to be the best, and if i cant, then attach urself on ppl who eventually will be, help them get there, then hold the help that u gave them over their heads throughout their famous runs so that u can be the best by association.

all my hustles are paralyzed right now, and as such, i will be acting as promotional groupie for the following ppl/things:

 .::Che Grand – Everything’s Good Ugly – i’ll have to check on the release date, but in the meantime, check him out, and before he takes it down, check the demo ‘Girls Talk’ featuring Darrin of Sankofa & produced by Aeon who is also appearing on…

 .::The Official PMP Mixtape – Hosted by Hi-Tek, featuring Aeon & some other ppl who aren’t Aeon –


listen to it & find a tracklisting for it here; download it here.

and speaking of Aeon, this is the same Aeon who produced the absolutely ridiculous Walk My Way for..

.:: Tanya Morgan – i dunno what these dudes are up to.  check em out & buy their shit anyway.

yall negroes owe me a ham & cheese sammich for this.  plus donwill YOU STILL OWE ME MY $10 BLOCKBUSTER CARD.  kthanks!

7 responses to “shameless plugs!

  1. Luge Skywalker


  2. lol what wld u be plugging? i dont even know what you do!

    “also, check out dennis, the #1 tambourine smasher in the country!”

  3. Luge Skywalker

    what a bad friend u are

  4. My hustles are paralyzed…that’s a great line..sounds like the name of a sitcom on the f/x network

  5. thank you!!!

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