sarah palin on SNL

so sarah palin made her much anticipated appearance on SNL this weekend and amy poeler COMPLETELY STOLE HER THUNDER.

overall, palin just didnt say much (what else is new).  she did alright tho.  the opening skit was cool, and in her second on stage appearance i noticed her long enough to peep her side-to-side bop & note that she could possibly rank among the best dancers in politics–better than obama, but not at all touching david gregory (he talks abt politicians, so he counts).

but man o man.  amy poeler shut it down with the rap that they all preteneded that sarah palin was going to do.  amy got her 23-months pregnant ass up there and went to TOWN, you hear me??  and then she wu-tanged it up at the end.  *kisses fingers and spreads em in the sky like Franch people do*

lyrics are here.  video is here.
& the way todd points to the map kills me every time.  lol!


One response to “sarah palin on SNL

  1. I died at the “Lalalala lala lalaaaaaaaa!”

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