too much, even for me?

if anyone has read more than three entries here, then you know how i feel about Obama’s sexiness.  and what you know is the tame version.  if i told you how i REALLY felt, you’d look at me like this.  and then you’d be all like this.  but, i bet at least one or two of yall freaks would be like this, and i worry for your souls as much as i do mine.

but, my friends, as big an Obama perv as i am, i saw this and & i was like THIS.


i got this from bourgie who got it from glennisha morgan who got it from necole bitchie.

now, this really made me check my pervishness.  a lot of people see this as disrespectful.  if so, then is my open unbridled lusting for him disrespectful too?  i dunno.  this is extra and a mess, but iono that id call it disrespectful.  but, i gotta try and put myself in barack or michelle’s shoes.  if i was barack id either think A – fuck them, they’re calling me a dick, pretty much; or B – hell yeah!  bitches want me in they vajayjays!  if i was michelle, i might feel peeved.  or, maybe id shrug my shoulders and say ‘ah well.  he’s famous.  people fantasize about famous ppl all the time.’  or maybe id be like, ‘let them hoes dream abt havin him while he’s laid up with me.  I WIN YOU LOSE.’  i dunno.

do yall feel this is disrespectful?  funny?  just plain sad?

5 responses to “too much, even for me?

  1. i don’t think it is that disrespectful, mainly because something that childish makes me giggle. but i’m biased because you know if they made one of those fake-vagina things ( and named it something michelle-related i would be offended. all of the sudden it would seem offensive and no-longer silly, so i guess i am wrong in not being offended by the dildo.

  2. oh— RE: FREE SHIPPING, who is gonna buy THREE or more of those?!

  3. ooh, good point. id feel all kinds of enraged if they made a michelle fleshlight.

    wait u get free shipping with 3+?? ive found my go-to christmas gift this season! ho ho ho INDEED!

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  5. i like sheena’s comment. definitely underlines the rampant doublestandards flying around this world.

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