kanye reaches the black youth

who says kids don’t listen anymore?  they may not listen to you, or to their moms and dads, or their teachers, but bet your life that they’ll listen to their favorite rapper!  remember how kanye totally hated george bush on national television?  the babies heard it.  and they, too, agree.

she sooo just gave him the N!gga Please Award.

it dont even stop there.  hilary catches one too.  (i jacked these from okayplayer, btw)

i really hope their parents put them up to this.

and because things are always funnier with captions,

i dont really think hilary’s a bitch.  but this little girl clearly does so i put it there for her.

& bush, lolcat style:

i really do think he’s tryin to eat her soul, though.  so that’s there for me.

thank you, kanye.

3 responses to “kanye reaches the black youth

  1. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Seriously.

  2. i can’t stop laughing. both those pics are classic. but the one with the littler girl and hilary is poignant: they growin’ up so fast! lol she’s like, “i peeped yo’ game when i walked in the door.” nice.

  3. I know these are old posts but they are literally making laugh out loud! Like for real…real sound coming out of my mouth!!

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